A wall is the backdrop to your unique story - inspired by the colorful palettes of Vietnamese walls, bring color to your world through your own storyful creations. 

Allow your creativity to flourish, and together we will create a unique piece of artwork reflecting Your Story.

In just a few fun and creative steps your artwork will take shape.




Choose a wall art from our portfolio of walls that will carry your story - one where the colors, contrasts, and impressions speak to you.

Click on the wall art that you would like to carry YOUR STORY.



Create your marks

It’s time to make your unique marks! Take a moment to think about your life journey, happenings that have been meaningful to you along the way - symbols, dates, words and names - your creativity is our limit! 
Mark your wall with memories of this  journey - the marks tell your story.




When you have ordered a wall art and made your marks, the creative journey will start! We are your guide through this creative and collaborative process. Our workshop will customize your wall design based on your requirements and will work with you to refine it to perfection - your unique piece of art!

camilla kopi.jpg


Welcome to our collection of walls ready to be marked by You!
Lose yourself in the colorful palette of our walls and allow your creativity flourish.


To celebrate the story of the wall itself, every wall art carries a unique #tag accompanied by the address where the wall is or was standing in all its grace.





You see them everywhere on the walls in Vietnam. An advertisement that has become a symbol of urban street life, somewhere in the grey zone to the forbidden. 


How large is the wall?

The walls come in 3 sizes: MINI 60 X 20 cm MIDI 120 X 40 cm MAXI 150 X 50 cm (actual artwork) and in portrait and landscape orientations. We recommend up to 4 marks for the smallest (MINI) size and 5-7 marks for the largest (MAXI). 

What is "CAT B TRONG"?

The "CAT B TONG" mark is a calling card of construction crews available to construct, maintain, and tear down walls. These marks are part of the art that makes each wall one-of-a-kind.  

Will the #wall tag and address be part of my wall? 

Every wall art carries a unique #wall tag, accompanied by the address where the wall is or was standing. The tag carries the story of the wall - making it truly unique - hence a core part of the concept, and will stay on the final print. We will work with you to find a way to feature this tag on the wall in a way that it enriches the design and make it truly storyful.

Can I edit the wall art during the creative process?

Maintaining the authenticity of the wall is important to us and for that reason, we don't allow alterations to the wall backdrop. Each wall receives a watermark with its location. Your marks, however, are uniquely yours and as personal as your imagination. 

Can I use my own custom mark? 

Absolutely! If you have a custom symbol, crest, or image you would like to incorporate into your design, email us with your order number and the file in an attachment and we will use it into your design. 

Can I see the design before it is printed?

Yes, after our designers have customized your design we will send you a proof to review. We will work with you on up to 3 revisions to make the perfect wall that tells your story.


You have a choice to receive your piece of wall art as a rolled canvas (not framed), gallery wrapped, or stretched with a black wooden frame custom made by a local carpenter.

Can I change the frame color?

We use black frames on all our framed wall art to create a beautiful contrast with the artwork and showcase your marks. At this time black is the only frame color available. 

Do you offer international shipping?

Rolled canvas (all sizes) and MINI sized wall art can be shipped to any location in the world. Gallery wrapped and framed MIDI (120 X 40 cm) sized walls meet checked-luggage airline requirements. Currently we can only deliver gallery wrapped and framed MAXI (150 X 50 cm) sized walls domestically within Vietnam. 

When will I receive my wall?

After you have confirmed the final wall art design, the production starts. Eight days after you confirm your final design your wall art will be ready for shipping or pickup from our workshop in Ho Chi Minh City.
No.2, Ngo Duc Ke Street, 
Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City 

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