In our creations the story of the wall is beautifully weaved together with the marks that our customers consciously select to tell their own unique story. Together they create a storyful and colorful piece of art.

In a creative and fun process, we compose unique piece of wall art together with our customers, that carries their stories.

More than just a piece of wall art. It is a creation that tells the story beyond. Every mark is consciously chosen, and thoughtfully engraved on the wall, embracing the cracks and holes that make out the story of the wall.

Allow yourself to see the Story beyond.












Scratches, smudges were naturally created without any intentions. And somehow, when you gradually link those details into a person’s story, it can be visualized into scars, experiences they have passed throughout their lives. The way everything arranged naturally reminds us of the timeless truth, beauty lies in the most accidental moments. The old walls themselves have already been unique pieces of street art, no deliberate trimming needed.

Composed by Duyên Lê & Truong Vu Anh Thy

Art Is Everywhere
You just have to look a bit closer 


It is always Mr Nguyen Toan who arrives first. He sits down and leans back against the wall for a bit, eyeing the motorbikes that enter the alleyway. He makes his order - cà phê đen đá - a black coffee with ice.  He drinks in silence then quietly stands up and walks over to his motorbike that is parked just a bit further inside the alley. 

The cart with which she keeps her cups and kettle was old already when she took it over 15 years ago, from her mother-in-law. It has its own place; just to the left when entering the alleyway. Every morning she wakes up at 5am to set up the tables, sweep the ground, and brew the first kettle of water to be ready at 5.30. 

She fills the little alley with her grace and smile. Just a bit further down is her home and her family. On the surface the alley might be falling sapart but the walls are strong and this is where her stories have been shaped. Her daughter - her pride and joy - inspires her as she fills the kettle with soup before she runs off to school. She gives perspective.


This is her world, her home. 
And we are all welcome to sit down for a cup of coffee

You too can be a part of the story. Make a mark and together we can make it yours.




Some friends and I decided to choose Mark your wall as a leaving gift for another friend. The website has a great selection of walls to choose in different sizes and colours and we picked one with our friend's preferable colours in mind.

We wanted to create the wall with memories of her time in Vietnam but also keeping the beauty of the wall marks so we added 2 phone numbers to it along with her address and the school the children went to. The process from start to finish was very simple and easy and the end result was loved by all.

A perfect gift for anyone who has lived in Vietnam!

*We also added her arrival date to Vietnam and the date she was leaving. By adding these features it becomes more personal and you can create any wall you like.


In close collaboration with our customers, we create designs and decoration solutions that bring life to any room.


In close collaboration with our customers we create designs and decoration solutions that bring life to any room, occasion or collection - and at the same time you make a social contribution.