Who we are

Mark Your Wall is a Design House and Social Entrepreneur based in Vietnam. In close collaboration with our customers we create designs and decoration solutions that bring life to any room, occasion or collection - and at the same time you make a social contribution.

Why we do it

Since the start of Mark Your Wall, we have always wanted to contribute and to give back to Vietnamese society. We find inspiration and borrow from the cultural and architectural heritage - the walls. Guided by our belief that art is everywhere, we want to #ignite, #connect and #support projects which raise awareness and increase understanding about mental well being - Making the Invisible - VISIBLE!

Following our flow and creative nature, you will recognize that art holds the path straight to our core. The walls are the foundation of our creative expression as an endless source of inspiration and ever-changing color palette. Our belief, that any wall standing in our way can be transformed, reshaped, and opened up so long as we keep a conscious and curious approach to the disorder around us, leads us to the therapy path.

How we do it

In the name of our guiding values # Ignite #Connect and #Support, and with curiosity as our close companion, we passionately evoke the links between the past, present and future.


Through Storyful creations, deeply rooted in the vibrant local culture and heritage of Vietnam our aim is to celebrate art as a healer and connector, challenging the human made limitations - injecting new perspectives to the stories & legends - bringing them to life - while contributing to mental wellbeing of the people of Vietnam and beyond.

Collaborating with photographers in Vietnam to capture the beauty that they see in the walls they discovered.


From framed wall art to concept styling of spaces, Mark Your Wall will work with you to create interior decorations that are rooted in storytelling and culture.

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Your Creativity Is Our Limit

We all have a story to tell. Our stories shape us. By nourishing our consciousness, they will bring the perspective we need to change the next chapter of our story that is about to unfold.

We Celebrate the Creative Force that we all carry, by inviting you to bring out your story and aspirations - to shape and color them - and together with the story of the wall itself convey them to the world around you.

Carrying the story beyond, the artworks bring color and life to any space, evoking conversations, creating perspective and helping you reconnect to yourself and the people around you.

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Through the Power of Arts, we allow human minds to heal, create, and unleash dreams! 

We invite you to make a mark: bring more color into your world and allow your limitless creativity to flourish.

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By Making A Mark you are contributing to our work to #Ignite, #Connect and #Support the Expressive Art Movement in Vietnam