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"I want to fly high and see the ocean..."

As a symbol for the healing powers of Arts, the birds, drawn by a 15-year-old survivor of human trafficking and participant in the “Walls Of Dreams” project. The birds have inspired us when creating designs; all to benefit the development of Expressive Arts in Vietnam.


We can all contribute to the society we live in and the world we share by considering our strengths and finding a way forward that can have the greatest long-term impact. 

Our society is facing huge mental-health challenges that are stigmatized and aggravated in an accelerating economy. Vulnerable groups lacking education are further exposed and alienated. Vietnam faces enormous challenges with human trafficking, modern-day slavery, which have a devastating effect on young people’s lives, families, and the whole economy. Faced with the pressure from a changing world, human migration creates lucrative opportunities for human trafficking networks that exploit people who lack education with uncertain socio-economic backgrounds and are desperate to survive.
We believe in the healing power of the arts. Art allows us to enter a space of clarity and sharper thinking patterns that allow people to make more informed and conscious decisions. Art becomes a tool to stay conscious and aware in an ocean of challenging decisions and increased pressure from the society around us. We can combat exploitation and heal the exploited by rethinking the way we consume and being conscious of our impact on society. 
Relentlessly we invest to #ignite, #connect and #support projects that contribute to a world where minds and consciousness can flourish, dreams be unleashed, and all IN THE NAME OF ARTS!


We consider ourselves being an incubator in the pursuit of breaking the stigma and heightening awareness about mental illness, as well as supporting the establishment of sustainable infrastructure for minds to heal with arts as the main vehicle.
To achieve this goal, we have initiated and actively supported different projects over the years, accumulating in-depth understanding about how arts and mental wellbeing are interlinked in Vietnam, and how it can be further developed.


The magic happens in the mix - people and ideas flourish when exposed to other disciplines and changes in context that connect human talent and creative concepts with curiosity and passion.
We aim to raise awareness about mental wellbeing by building cross-discipline connections from entrepreneurs with creative concepts to individual initiatives to community movements.
The purpose is singular - fulfilling and unleashing dreams!


In the spirit of that magic happens in the mix and the passion for experiencing projects flourish when people do what the love to do, Mark Your Wall has, since the very start, had the honour to grow together with the following projects:

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