Every wall art carries a multilevel story - from the story of the wall itself in combination with the beautiful stories of our customers and partners. 

We proudly present some of our customer's walls below - Be inspired!




Adrienne De Geer • Mark Your Wall • Founder

The marks I chose symbolize the pivotal dates that shaped my family: the births of my three children  (my heroes) and the date when I said “yes” to my husband, the love of my life.

The Lion about to leap on its prey - the symbol of emotional resilience - antifragility

The Water Ripples carries many meanings: the disorder of nature, life’s ever-changing flow and impermanence, the most basic need, and the most important element in Vietnamese culture. A reminder that all things, positive and negative, shall pass and that we must always be the world that we want to live in. 

1.618 - The Divine Number reminds me to think as ONE with nature; never superior. To stop and be amazed at our unique place in the bigger picture. To always be reminded of the fragility of life to live every moment to its fullest. To value the power of community from strong family relationships to the resilience of society. 

The Observer - reminds me to be the observer. To reconnect with all my senses and listen actively because the start of any meaningful change is UNDERSTANDING.



Scroll down and enjoy some of the walls that we have made together with our creative customers.

#wall_35 Original wall

In Blue - Arrival date in Vietnam

#wall_42 Original wall

Birthday 06.02.1975 Text about what happened in 1975

#wall_79 Original wall

Graduation date Address as a stamp

#wall_30 Original wall

Birthday 31.12.2001

Original wall

Logo, Aware "Smile" and logotype


#wall_40 Original wall

Four birthdays. Two black - two white

#wall_68 Original wall

Goat, Year of the Goat Turquise mark - to add color

#wall_9 Original wall

Hanh Phuc, happiness - Mai Mai, forever Two birthdays (parents) = One birthday (child)


#wall_24 Original wall

Z, for the name of a dog Three birthdays in red

#wall_46 Original wall

Coordinates of a house in Vietnam