Cocktail by Kata Simon inspired by Mark Your Wall Color Palette #02

It’s Kata Simon’s birthday today! And to celebrate this special day we share with you her take on Mark Your Wall’s Color Palette #02. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATA!

Kata Simon has called Vietnam home for the past 4 years, making waves in the bartending scene. Having won the first prize in Negroni’s 100 years competition in 2019 where her team at Below Whiskey Den was named N100 Saigon’s best Negroni Bar. She now is running The Key of Bar&Tender a London-style education in the Vietnamese bar industry aimed at training the young Vietnamese generation. Sharing what she has learnt in her years, staying active and supporting the industry with passion and love.

Hi Kata, what should we know about you?

Hi I’m Kata and I’m the Founder of The Key of Bar&Tender Bartending Academy and also the Bar Manager of the Ministry of Men cocktail bar in Ho Chi Minh City. I started my professional career in 2010 in Café Cino, one of the best cafés in Budapest and worked my way to Mr. Fogg’s Residence, which is one of the Top 100 best bars in the world, between 2013 and 2017 as Head bar. I now have 20 years of experience behind me in the F&B industry including managing some of the most well-known nightspots in Saigon such as Broma & Below Whiskey Den. Everyone thinks I’m a scary person because of my scary face but actually I’m really cute and adorable :D

How does Art help you connect with yourself and fulfill your Purpose?

Whenever I create a drink, I don't want it just to be a drink, but there should be a massive concept behind it. And for any great concept, we need art. I believe every bartender has the art within them, because to create a cocktail, is to create an artwork. It's basically an artwork in flavor, in appearance, or even its process of creation is art.

Through bartending, I found a way to explore and show my creativity. And to use this art of bartending, I also want to teach the Vietnamese young bartender generation to create their own art.

Why was this cocktail inspired by the color palette

Well first off this palette gives me a bit of a mysterious feeling so I immediately thought of the "Albert Einstein" I created last year. I've always wanted to make a cocktail with a hidden bottle and that's how this one comes to be inside a book about Albert Einstein, hence its name. The color of the book we use also perfectly matches this palette, so that's what I thought of it. That comes first for the appearance.

But these colors also remind me of the ingredients that made up this cocktail. It's a refreshing, earthy cocktail with a touch of bitterness from Suze, a bitter liquor from the Alps - which can bring an herbal taste, for the green, and the Alps must without a doubt make you think of its snowy white & greenish color.

This palette as well as the cocktail reminds me a lot of Europe, so it was a fun great little experience to connect the two.

Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this cocktail with us.

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Cocktail Inspired by Mark Your Wall Color Palette #02 by Kata Simon: