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Cocktail by Richie Fawcett inspired by Color Palette #01

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Today’s collaborator is Richie Fawcett, a multi-talented Brit who has called Saigon home for the past 10 years. In the past, he has set up and ran many bars here and has even trained bartenders who sometimes go on and win accolades themselves. Now from The Studio Saigon he immerses himself in creating cocktails and art, sketching the views of Vietnam that can be seen in many incredible walls around the world.

Hi Richie, what have you been up to these days?

These days I draw pictures, based in my Studio, where I also make cocktails. I have a few books published on both subjects and will have more coming next year along with a major public exhibition of my work in Vietnam over the last 10 years. I'm married with a young son called Harry and we are very happy.

Tell us, how does Art help you to heal and thrive as a human being?

Art is fundamental to being. If there goes a day without drawing then it's not that I miss not drawing, it means 'there is something missing’.

True art is to regulate the bandwidth of borrowing life’s experiences, in order to connect the fibers of your intuition to the tendons of your soul, to stimulate the orchestra of your heart, in harmony to effortlessly paint the imaginations of your mind, thus allowing your hand the freedom of expression.

That’s the Art of Art, in visual, food, drink, musical, aural, poetic, pyrotechnic, automitan, dance or theatre. And any expression of a precision presentation, abstract, random or practiced performance, with some added good timing thrown in. Not forgetting a lot of love, dedication, persistence and passion. However, beyond all else, the belief in yourself that you're doing the right thing.

What concoction have you created for us which was inspired by the color palette of Wall #204?

When I first saw the pantone I immediately knew what it represented to me and what I would do with the colours to create a cocktail inspired by them.

It so happens that our favorite Pho restaurant at 86, Nguyen Du - Pho Huong Bac. It’s a 25 year old establishment where we have been going for over 10 years which has sadly closed due to the Covid pandemic and the restaurant building is now being demolished and redeveloped. The Wall with the plaster and the exposed brick is exactly the color of the wall of the restaurant and I imagine the ingredients of the cocktail to be represented by the color of the palate that also in my mind signifies the colors of the ingredients of Pho and ultimately on a completely different level, the cycle of life.

Greens - leaves

Whites - the bones used to make the Pho stock

Brown - the beef

Grey - the bean sprouts

Tones in between the cream and the brown are the Quẩy (crunchy deep fried dough stick)

To me, it's a poignant, yet celebratory homage. Just in the same way as you would celebrate a life. It's a beautiful pantone. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to express my healing feelings about this palette of color and translate this board of color into taste, in the form of a delicious cocktail.

Thank you Richie!

Keep tabs on him on Facebook or his website!

Presenting the recipe for Cycle of Life for you to try at home!


Cocktail inspired by Mark Your Wall Color Palette #1 by Richie Fawcett

The Cycle of Life


50ml - White Rice Wine

50ml - Pho Broth with Beef Stock

15ml Lemongrass Syrup

5ml Garlic Vinegar

5ml Fresh Lime juice

1 small pinch of Star Anise Powder

1 small pinch of Cinnamon Powder

1 small pinch of Sea Salt

Garnish - Fresh Coriander Sprig and Chili on the rim


Take all ingredients except the Fresh Coriander and place in a shaker with fresh ice. Shake hard. Double strain into a frozen Martini Coupe. Garnish with a fresh coriander sprig and red chili on the rim.



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