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Cocktail by Tyler Maurice Kooy inspired by Mark Your Wall Color Palette #04

Tyler Maurice Kooy made his way to Vietnam a couple of years back and never looked back. This young Seattle native has found a home in Vietnam with his wife Kayley and their newest edition little Elliot. Together they run Lost & Found where you can find him most nights behind the bar or at Brick & Barrel which Tyler co-owns. We are proud to present to you the cocktail Tyler has created inspired by Mark Your Wall's Color Palette#04.

Hey TyTy, tell us more about Lost & Found.

12 years ago I started working in bars and always dreamt of creating a bar of my own. After over 10 years of working in F&B I was able to open Lost & Found, which started 2 years ago. My wife and I wanted to create a safe space for friends and guests alike to come to drink and hang out. We wanted to take all of our guest service experience and what we believed would be the ideal space for people to sit comfortably, express creativity, sip locally inspired cocktails, network and share stories of a small world.

What colors inspire you most and in what way?

The colors that inspire me the most are warm yellow and soft orange hues. The feelings I get from these specific colors are comfort, hope, inspiration and overall good vibes.

How did the color pallet inspire your creation:

This color pallet gave me thoughts of the French style architecture imbedded into Ho Chi Minh City. Much like the yellow painted 1950’s French colonial style low rise building Lost & Found is located in. The color pallet inspired this creation I call the “VN Connection.” For this cocktail I used Vietnamese Song Cai Gin with French St Germain Elderflower Liqueur and a couple of dashes of Angostura orange bitters, and dehydrated lemon and flower garnish.

Presenting the cocktail recipe by Tyler Maurice Kooy inspired by Mark Your Wall Color Palette #04

VN Connection cocktail recipe by Tyler at Lost & Found

60ml Song Cai Gin

15ml St Germain Elderflower

15ml Fresh lemon Juice

5ml honey syrup

3-4 dashes Orange Angostura Bitters

Shake, double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with dehydrated lime wheel and dried chrysanthemum flower

Thank you Tyler!

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