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Since the start of Mark Your Wall, we have always wanted to contribute and to give back to Vietnamese society. We find inspiration and borrow from the cultural and architectural heritage - the walls. Guided by our belief that art is everywhere, we want to #ignite, #connect and #support projects which raise awareness and increase understanding about mental well being - Making the Invisible - VISIBLE!

Following our flow and creative nature, you will recognize that art holds the path straight to our core. The walls are the foundation of our creative expression as an endless source of inspiration and ever-changing color palette. Our belief, that any wall standing in our way can be transformed, reshaped, and opened up so long as we keep a conscious and curious approach to the disorder around us, leads us to the therapy path.


We want to create art and products that trigger reflection and conversions to emphasize the never-ending learning journey. It is not about right and wrong, true or false. Our marks should be the idea or topic that you raise when gathering around the bonfire. 

Mark My Wall00018.jpg



It is something truly special in the words  “I made this”,  To bring the viewer along on a journey, beginning with your selection of a wall art that appealed to you, through its unique details and colors, and then how you picked the storyline for your marks. 
Inspired by the colorful palettes of the Vietnamese walls, we create designs based on - your ideas and your creativity!


Creativity and a fascination for human capacity and development are my passions and foundation stones.

This, in combination with my background in Corporate Communication, sustainable development, and as a life coach, has paved the way for Mark You Wall’s concept - The “Qi” - The Life Flow - of how we want to contribute. My passion for connecting people and the social entrepreneurial platform of Mark Your Wall, as well as our products allow me to express that.

Our Storyful Creations, visualised through our artworks, tell the story beyond; a story that we can gather around, and discuss. The feeling that arises when I manage to connect people, concepts, ideas, and dreams ignites me!

The colorful palette of the walls, their impressive history full of bravery and hardship as well as the richness of their cultural heritage have inspired me since the moment I stepped foot on Vietnamese soil. My almost nine years in this dynamic and vibrant country has taught me to live every moment and to observe the colors and stories unfolding around me. 

Colors and customization have always been key drivers in all my initiatives. Mark Your Wall allows me to combine my passion for the creative and for human growth with a focus on mental well being in a country that I love and respect so fully to create the perfect match.

We all want to be creative and "I made this" is a strong message to convey. History, change and relationships, and how these three influences interact amazes me. With Mark Your Wall they all come together.
Here and now, I can promise that after being introduced to Mark Your Wall’s concept you will suddenly see beautiful pieces of walls and art everywhere and by doing that, you achieve something even more important -  the ability to observe. 

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